Figure Out Who Is Worth The Risk

What day is it? That’s the question I asked the most in 2021. Somehow time flew is some ways and stood still in others.

I saw a friend, who I initially met through work, last night after six months or maybe it’s eight months. We couldn’t even remember. We agreed our time confusion is the result of the pandemic. Despite of the time gap between visits, we talked like we saw each other the day before and celebrated my birthday.

Our conversation flowed and the hours passed. Before we knew it, we’d been out more than three hours. Seeing my friend was the best gift I could’ve received this year.

It made me realize that I was willing to risk going out in public for the friends who would do the same for me. The others “friends”, I guess I’ll have to go what Thanos did. I’ll snap my fingers and move on with whoever is left. Therefore, my choice for day 19 of the ugly Christmas sweater countdown is a nod to this notion.

#avengers #marvel #Thanos #birthday #adultingsucks #christmas #uglychristmassweater #countdowntochristmas #chronicillness #chronicpain #invisibleillness #holidayspirit #decemberbaby #aging

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