Recognize The Gifts In Your Life Before They’re Gone

Whenever I’d ask you if you were going to meet me somewhere or do something, you’d often respond, “god willing and the creek don’t rise.” 15 months ago, I left your side expecting to talk to you the next day, but God’s will was done and you left this world.

Some days it feels like no time has passed. My mind processes your absence like your on a trip or something. Other days it seems like it been ages since we talked, traded stories or a laugh; that makes me tear up.

On the rough days, I talk to you. Sunday was one of those days. I was replaying our last conversation in my mind when I realized I couldn’t remember your final words or mine. Did I tell you I love you? Or did I say goodbye? It was eating at me when my phone binged. My cousin Eric was texting me to share two photos he’d received from our cousin Theresa.

There you were, in photos I’d never seen before, staring back at me. You were sitting next to your sisters, Lola and Lillian, in one photo. You were next to Lola and Aunt Agnes, your stepmom, in another. You all looked so happy then. I should’ve told you all it It was my honor and greatest gift to be related to all of you. So, I’ll do it now with the 14th shirt in my ugly Christmas sweater countdown.

I can only hope you’re all together. If you are, I pray I’ll get you join you someday. Of course that’s if, “God’s willing and the creek don’t rise.“

Happy heavenly birthday mom!

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