Pause, Think, React

When I saw this sweater for day 8 of my ugly Christmas sweater countdown, I thought times are hard for everyone whether you realize it or not. And, it literally is a fight to survive for so many due to financial, health or mental issues.

It also reminded me that some of us will sink to our most basic instinct to survive at any cost. While others will not. Instead, they will opt to find a solution benefitting other people too. Sometimes knowing which option to choose can be difficult. It’s clear Santa hasn’t weighed all his options for taking action. Or as my grandmother Nettie would’ve said, he didn’t see the forest for the trees. Perhaps you will when face with a tough choice.

#santaclaus #faith #christmas #uglychristmassweater #countdowntochristmas #chronicillness #chronicpain #autoimmunedisease #invisibleillness #spoonie #toughtimes

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