Death Creates An Alternate Universe

I live in an alternate universe I didn’t create and couldn’t have imagined until I found myself here.  It’s one where you aren’t present to talk to me during my darkest days, the brightest ones and those in between.  It’s a strange place where family gatherings still take place but you’re not there to cook, laugh, play or say grace before our meals . It’s somewhere the days still pass, the months tick by and new memories are made and you’re not part of them. 

At night, I’m almost certain that I can still fell you comforting me and pushing me to go on. I think I can hear your responses when I speak into the air or cry out to you.

Being in this parallel world is bittersweet because I’m grateful that you’re no longer suffering or in pain. So I pray you’re watching over me and the rest of the family; that you know we still try to honor the values you taught us and continue the traditions you started. Mostly, I hope you’re at peace. It should be a reward for the life you lived.

Happy Mother’s Day in heaven, mom!

#MothersDay #HappyMothersDay

#grief #loss #death #family #mourning 

#mothersanddaughters #blacklove 

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