Live Until It’s Over

I used to love to wear black because it’s slimming, matches nearly anything and has a slight edge to it. But, I’d be happy if I never again had to search my closet for a black dress. In the last two years, it’s been required attire at five separate funerals, each one more painful that the last. In fact, I’ve been to more funerals during the Covid pandemic than I have restaurants or any public events. Yet, I’ve never hesitated to pull out my mourning clothes to say a final goodbye to those who I loved and respected. Today, I bid farewell to my friend and coworker Erik Paulsen. 

Erik was true renaissance man. He was also gentleman. And, he loved his wife so intensely his feelings about her oozed out of him. 

He could relate to anyone. He always had a smile on his face. He was a hard and meticulous worker. More importantly, he was such a good person dozens of people braved a pandemic to express their condolences. 

Standing in that funeral home watching Erik’s memorial video with coworkers I hadn’t seen in over a year I thought, he knew how to live. He was unique, adventurous, loved openly, and followed his dreams until his  time is up; those are should all be and things we should all do. 

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