Take A Break And Enjoy Your Company

My breathing and heartbeat were both rapid when I woke up. I didn’t rest much because my mind was racing, thinking about what would’ve been my parents’ 47th anniversary today and the loss of yet another coworker.

Before the pandemic, my favorite part of my day at work was lunchtime. The food was secondary to the company. It was a safe space to discuss daily and personal challenges. A revolving cast of characters would pull up a chair to talk about anything and everything openly and honestly. We’d often offer support, razz each other, or just listen. 

More than a year ago, the Coronavirus pandemic ended our lunch table gatherings. But, it didn’t sever my connections with the people I used to break bread with daily. In fact, most of them attended my mothers funeral seven months ago. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t say in close touch with one man, Erik Paulsen. He’d have his healthy lunch, share his love for films and music with everyone at the table. Mostly, he talked about his home in New Jersey which needed work and his wife, who also worked for our company. He was always jovial and kind. 

I’ve often wondered if, when the pandemic is over, we’d be allowed to resume lunch table. I highly doubt it. But, if we could I’d tell all those who sat around me how much those talks made each stressful day bearable. Unfortunately, I won’t be  say those words to Erik because he died suddenly yesterday. 

I hope he felt welcome, valued and understood when he sat at the lunch table. I hope it made his day better. I hope he’s resting in peace knowing he’s remembered and was appreciated. 

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