Pause, Release, Restart

I used to watch Seinfeld as as kid but I really wasn’t the biggest fan of the show. Honestly, there were very few, if any, people who looked like me on it and the humor was sometimes not relatable. This all changed when I say the episode about Festivus. I’d been at family gatherings were a meal was shared and grievances were aired. We just didn’t have a name for it. Well, I’m embracing Festivus this year. 

After all, who doesn’t have a grievance this year? I’m sure I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. My list this year is extensive. I’ve got pent up emotions due to Covid, loss, financial strife, isolation, physical challenges, fear, and anxiety. But, I’m planning to let it all out today, releasing all my stress the best way I can. This way, I can feel a joy lighter tomorrow, the next day and the day after. 

So, for day 23 of my Christmas countdown, I’m pausing to acknowledge Festivus.  And, I’m hoping the night ends with a Festivus miracle. It does haven’t to be something big. I’m just looking for some  unexplainable event that lets me know better days are ahead. 

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