Be Socially Responsible. Stay Distant!

There are just three days left until Christmas, i though as I tried to figure out what to sweater to wear next. I don’t know if I have anything that sums up how truly bizarre the holiday will be this year. 

Then, remembered something that happened the other day when I made a rare trip into a store. You have to understand,  I rarely venture out of the house, other than to go for my daily walk or to take a drive. I order my groceries for pick up. If I want food I haven’t made, I order Uber eats as a door drop off. I wear a mask everywhere and I use antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer and spray constantly. I’m diligent because I’m an immunocompromised person.  

Well, anyway, I stopped in a store to get some gift bags (I don’t usually wrap) and tissue paper. I stood on my dot and waited  for the line to move. The woman behind me got my attention because she was using her phone on speaker and was so close to me I could make out every word. I gave her a dirty look and that didn’t work. Then, I mumbled loudly, “why do we have dots If no one reads or respects them?”When she still didn’t move, I turned and told her to back the hell up. I ended my harsh words with Merry Christmas. 

The reality is that I want to have a Merry Christmas despite the circumstances. For me that means staying healthy so I don’t endanger myself of any one else. 

The incident help me choose and oldie but goodie for day 22 of my Christmas countdown. It’s a sweater that says she did it and it has an arrow on the front. The arrow reminds me of the circles and arrows on the ground that remind follow social distancing protocols.

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