Ask For Help To Get Unstuck

Ask For Help To Get Unstuck

One Christmas when I was a little kid, I put a box in my family’s living room right under the tree. I poked a hole in it and I waited to see how Santa gets in and leaves presents. Needless to say, I fell asleep, my parents noticed the box and I never saw Santa. But,  I continued to wonder how he or anyone posing as him do so much. As an adult, I know the answer; it’s with help.

So, on the eighth day of my Christmas countdown, I chose a reindeer assisting Santa, who is stuck in a Chimney. I know we can all get stuck in life and need a push, motivation, or assistance to move forward, get things done or at least feel inspired. 

I’m notoriously terrible at asking for help even when my autoimmune condition flares or requires a procedure. Part of the reason is that my mom spoiled me. She could tell by the sound of my voice or my silence if I needed something. But, she’s not hear so I need to open my mouth an ask for help because I can’t get through this life on my own whether it’s personally or professionally.

(P.S. the nurse called from the hospital for special surgery to check on me. Before she ended the call, she said, “can I ask you one more question?”  I responded, “yes.” “Are you wearing a Christmas sweater today?” I replied, “yes,it’s Santa stuck in a tree and a reindeer helping.” She laughed and said, “I wish I could call you every day just for a smile.” I told her, “no need. You can just log onto my blog to see them.” She asked if I was back at the hospital soon. I replied,”on the 29th but I’ll wear my Kwanzaa sweater just for you.” 

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