We’re Born To Love Without Limits

I didn’t expect to fall in love with a white man nor did I seek him out. I had no aversion to dating someone of a different race. It’s just that my longest relationships prior to him had been with men of color. But, when I met “the one” I didn’t hesitate.

He had been my friend for about a year before we realized there was something more between us. We agreed on core values and principles. We could talk for hours, laughed at similar things and were comfortable around each other’s relatives and friends. And, he freely shared the job of raising his son with me.

9 years later, I have great respect for my “other half.” He and his son’s lives changed infinitely because he chose a black woman. They’ve experienced racism because we’re an interracial family. People have stared, yelled slurs, questioned if we are together at bars, restaurants or other venues, given us attitudes, and even refused us service. No matter what’s happened, he’s stood with me.

He’s also been by my side through countless procedures and surgeries caused by my chronic illness. He’s even carried me, literally, out of work when I couldn’t move on my own. We’re not a flawless couple but we’re a strong one.

So, today and every day, I’m glad my fiancé was born. My life is richer and has more meaning because we crossed paths.

Happy birthday to my deeply private partner in life!

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  1. Nika, I texted last week to see how your Mom was doing. I’m glad you were able to cheer her. Your pig suit is the bomb.

    Didn’t know your mom was in rehab, but it is probably best for her rehabilitation. Give all my love and prayers. I’m happy to hear you have a strong man to stand by you.

    Give Mom a kiss for me. Is she close by? Say
    Blessings to your father and the rest of the family.

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    • Mom is nearby. She is in the Dumont Rehab Center and Nursing home in New Rochelle. She was bedridden so long and lost so much weight she has to learn to walk and eat without the feeding tube again. She is in good spirits because she is closer to getting home.

      Thank you for your constant love and support.

      Love and miss you!


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