Follow Your Intuition

An hour and a half; that’s how long it took me to get to our house in Connecticut. By the time, I arrived my mind was clearer than it had been in the last week.

Oddly, it seemed like the songs on the radio had been selected to soothe my anguished soul. From “Man In the Mirror” by Michael Jackson to “Memories” by Maroon 5, “Gloria” by Jesse Powell, to “Higher Love” by Whitney Houston. Each reminded of someone special in my life or some issue I was trying to face.

I stepped out into the leaf covered driveway to grab the mail; that’s when I saw the package. I opened it before I noticed It was for someone with the same house number on a different street. Inside was a bottle of pills with the label Glimepiride.

I wonder what kind of drug is this? I thought as I put the name into google. This is an anti-diabetic medication. I hope the person who needs it isn’t in trouble.

I immediately put the address into my GPS and headed over to the house. I drove down the tree covered streets and wondered, for just a second, what will this woman think when a strange black woman in a mask walks up to her door.

A few seconds after I rang the doorbell, a face appeared in the glass in the left side of the door. It was a cubby White woman with dark hair mouthing something.

Through my mask, I shouted as loud as I could while holding up the package, “I got your package by mistake. I wanted to make sure you got it. It’s your meds.”

She yelled back,”thank you so much. Please just leave it there and I’ll get it.

I pulled out of the long driveway knowing I was supposed to make this drive. I didn’t know it when I got behind the wheel in the morning distressed. But, as I arrived back home I knew that listening to my inner voice allowed me to make a difference.

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