Nothing Like The Love Of A Child

The sun was shining and the squirrels were scurrying up the trees to their nests when I opened my front door. I took my first steps outside during daylight hours in three days. I was on the way to New York City for the first time in weeks. But, I wasn’t afraid because I had very special protection with me.

Two nights earlier, after I finished writing scripts for shows and editing in my dining room, I went outside and got the mail. A package with homemade masks and a hand painted card was waiting for me. It was from my godchildren in Kansas. I have actually only gone through one service with the oldest girl but when her sister came along, I felt like she was my bonus godchild.

Seconds after I put on one of the mask they made me, I glanced down at my phone and played my mentee’s favorite song of the moment, Billie Marten’s, “Mice.” I smiled then cringed thinking about how our “official” time together is almost over. There will be no graduation to see pictures from, no prom dress to view, and no final mentee party. While we can still share stories and exchange messages like finding out she got offered a full scholarship to college, I’ll miss our in person interactions.

I was melancholy until the sight of the city skyline from the helix to the Lincoln Tunnel perked up my mood. I went to press zone near work for my car and was out of the city in less than a half hour.

The trip was long enough for me to realize how blessed I’ve been to be the surrounded by the love of children. It’s something I couldn’t have imagined when I found out that I probably wouldn’t have kids of my own. I’m grateful.

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