Lend A Hand When You Can

My mother used to type more than 90 words per minute; far faster than I could in college. So I used to Fed Ex her my papers and she’d type them and return them to me within a day. Because of what she did I was carefree in college, knowing she had my back.

Earlier, when I posted about my parents’ anniversary many people generously wished them well. Upon seeing this I texted my mom to let her know. Ordinarily, she would type individual messages back. Unfortunately, cancer has robbed her of the agility she used to have in her hands. Typing is now difficult and takes a long time. Many things do.

Instead of doing nothing, my mom reached out to me before spending part of her anniversary in dialysis. She wanted to find some way to say thank you. She took the same approach that she does to everything in life. She finds a way when there is no way. She makes sure her loving spirit shines through.

Today, and any day she needs me, I will be her hands. I will say thank you to all of you for her. Thank you for your thoughts, your prayers, and for your willingness to show you care, even it’s through a message online. It is much appreciated.

Thank you!!!

#happyanniversary #cancersucks #blackfamily #blacklove #mothersanddaughters #forbetterorworse
#invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #grief #autoimmunedisease #spoonie

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