Kindnesses Can Be Done At Any Distance

I like consistency, a set schedule. So I devised one while I’m in isolation. Every morning I rise, stretch, shower, put on fresh clothes and get some air before I sit at two computers in my dining room to write, research and edit news stories. Yesterday, I went for a brief walk to look at the cherry blossom trees in the empty park across the street from my house.

Today, I hadn’t planned to go anywhere. I opened the door to feel the air on my face and I got pelted with hail. I went back inside, put on yellow cleaning gloves, a scarf on my face and I got in the car. I headed to the drive thru to pick up coffee and then I placed an order for pick up at McDonalds.

I was relieved to see that I was the only car in the parking lot. I hesitantly climbed out and walked into the restaurant. Only two other customers were inside: an elderly man and a firefighter/EMS worker . I stood six feet back and listened to the older man struggling to use a self ordering kiosk.

The elderly man was confused about where to find coffee. He also did not know how to pay. He kept shouting to the lone woman behind the counter and she’d yell back. After two minutes there was no progress.

Seconds later, a fireman/EMS worker took out his wallet and pulled out cash.

“I paid for your coffee, sir,” he shouted as he put the bill on the counter.

The elderly man said, “thank you. I just couldn’t figure out this technology.”

“No problem.”

The elderly man stuck his hand out to thank the generous stranger.

“No need,” the fireman/ EMS worker said. “Besides we are practicing , what is that?l

“Social distancing,” I responded with a chuckle.

I grabbed the bag with my food off the counter and left. As I sat behind the wheel of my car I thought, that man risks his life for others every day and has to work despite a pandemic yet he’s still willing to help another person in need. Perhaps this crisis will help us all reach deeper to be there for each other.

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