The Weak Shall Be Made Strong

I’ve been forced into isolation many times in my life as an immunocompromised person. Yet, it’s always been because I didn’t feel well. This time, I feel fine and so are my neighbors, coworkers and friends.

We’re home because we’re hiding from an enemy we can’t see. I suppose that’s a lot like my autoimmune disease. I can’t see it either but I have tools to battle it, developed skills to cope with it, and usually I’m alone in my fight.

Today, I learned chronically ill people like me might actually lead the way in helping everyone else fight back against Covid-19. President Trump says a drug I’ve taken every day for a decade, Plaquenil or hydroxychloroquine, has shown to be a promising treatment. The immunosuppressant could be fast tracked for approval by the FDA for widespread use.

Funny, when I found out about his announcement while working from home to prevent myself from falling ill. I can remember when my rheumatologist had to fight like hell to get the drug approved by my insurance company for me to use. Thankfully, others may not have to wait as long.

Plaquenil has helped me feel better and even go into remission. I hope it works for others too.

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