You Take No Journey Alone

When my mother and I walked into the oncologist office at White Plains a hospital one year ago today, I knew her journey wasn’t going to be easy. I just didn’t anticipate how much the darkest times would teach us all.

She completed chemo and radiation. She lost more than 70 pounds Her hands and feet turned black as coal. Fluid built up in her legs, feet and arms. Touching or eating cold foods/items gave her chest pains. And, walking more than a feet drained her of energy and left her short of breath. But, she didn’t miss my speaking engagement at autoimmune walk NYC , my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, my grand uncle’s birthday party, visiting her elderly sister in the nursing home, or a trip to go indoor skydiving.

After she completed treatment, the effects of it took their toll. She’s been hospitalized nearly a dozen times for massive hemorrhages, including on Christmas Day. She’s received close to three dozen litters of blood through transfusions. Her remaining kidney has failed causing her to start dialysis three times a week. But, she hasn’t shown any fear.
Through it all my mom has smiled, laughed and even danced at me brother’s wedding. She gracefully accepted visitors and calls , answered questions, and submitted to every test and injection with little complaint. From her hospital bed, she’s checked on me and others; putting our well-being above her own.

She’s shown me a stellar example of true strength and faith. More importantly, she shown me that when you are loved, you take no journey in life alone. Everyone who cares to be is with you through the high and lows, propping up, fighting for you, praying for you and just being by your side.

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