Work Through Your Fears

One of my life mottos is I can do almost anything once or at least I can try. And, yesterday I was forced to put my words into action.

I love fairs and festivals. I like the food, the games, the pig races, the magicians, and the candy apples. The one thing I dread are the rides.

I don’t like heights. Specifically, I can’t stand the feeling of my stomach dropping. So, I never get on the rides. Or, at least I don’t usually. This changed yesterday when the boy wanted to ride the “Zipper.” A giant Ferris wheel with cars that spin 360 degree high over the ground. The ride required two people.

The boy’s father wasn’t feeling well so that left me to get on with him. I mumbled. I may have even prayed a little but I got on. And, you know what I enjoyed the view from up high. I didn’t enjoy the spinning. Yet, I made it through. More importantly, I made the boy happy and taught him to face his fears; that was worth my discomfort on that ride and several others.

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