Love Is Priceless

I was moved to tears at work. My emotional outburst had nothing to do with one of the stories I was working it. It was due to something my dear friend and colleague Diana did when I stepped away for just a moment.

I thought she was reaching in the candy bowl on my desk. Instead, she was leaving me something I will look at and cherish everyday, especially when I feel like I can’t go on.

I often joke that I’m a cheap date. I don’t need expensive outings or gifts to bring me joy. A thoughtful, purposeful, targeted action, gesture or item from people I care about is perfect.

Well today I got exactly that and a lesson too. I received a moving quote from Diana as a parting gift. She’s retiring to spend more time with her beloved family. And, the thought that it was almost time to say goodbye to her made me sad. Then, I realized Diana has already given me a gift that will remain with me even when she’s far away and it’s priceless; it’s her love.

#friendship #colleagues #tvnews #retirement #motivation #journalism

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