On My Own Two Feet

I watched as two senior citizens struggled to hold on to the back of a chair on NJ Transit as we departed New York Penn Station. No one around me moved.

I reached out and I tapped one of the ladies.

“You can sit here,” I said.

One of the women gestured for her friend to sit in the middle of my three person bench.

“No you can sit too,” I said.

“There’s nowhere for you to sit,” she replied, looking at the teenage girl also sitting in my row.

“It’s okay,” I replied. “I’m only going two stops. I’ve got on comfortable flats so I can stand on my own two feet for a bit.”

“Are you sure?” The woman asked while glancing at my cane.

“I’m positive,” I responded as I began playing Wordscapes on my phone.

The ladies chatted with me until I got to Newark Penn Station. My feet were numb by the time I walked off the train but at least two tourists from Florida were left with a better impression of people in the New York/ New Jersey area than they would’ve had.

#njtransit #manners #hometraining #cane
#invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #blogger #writinglife #disability #autoimmunedisease #spoonie #igg4 #health #disability

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