Unpredictable; that’s the best way to describe my autoimmune disease or chronic illness. Monday inflammation in my lower back caused debilitating nerve pain. Tuesday I made it to work with the help of Tramadol. By Wednesday I’d just about banished the heavy drugs for over the counter pain meds. They were good enough to allow me to fake glee during a video podcast and another day of work. Coping with chronic illness

Yesterday was a joy. I managed my pain with a few back rubs and a slower pace. But, today, it all changed.

I woke up with my usual aches and pains so I took a mild pain pills as a precaution. I wanted to have a happy Friday. Then, suddenly at 2 pm my hair hurt. Every follicle tingled, felt heavy and seemed to weigh on my head. So, I loosened my ponytail and hoped for the best.

By 4 p.m. my hair and my neck were being shocked by a bizarre pain that was starting to travel down my back. I grabbed my mug, made some tea and swallowed meds.

The drugs kept my discomfort away for about two hours but things went South. By the time I snapped this photo it hurt to even move my jaw to chew. I abandoned eating. I drank enough to get meds down my throat and that was it.

Friday is now just about over for me because the powerful drugs will determine my immediate future. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I’ll rest, recharge and recuperate. And, I’ll pray that my pain will be gone or at least manageable so I can enjoy the weekend.

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