Self-Motivation Sometimes Requires Help

Sometimes strength comes from within. Other times it’s derived from the people and things around you. When my energy is drained and confidence waivers, I turn to my collection of motivational jewelry to boost my spirits. The latest addition is an AWARECauses necklace.

When I saw it, I knew I had to have one. The mission of this company coincides with mine: to give a voice to people who often suffer from invisible, chronic illnesses and chronic pain; to let them know they aren’t alone and to give them hope.

I wear my AWARECauses necklace proudly for me, my mother who survived Cancer once and is battling it again, and my friends who live with diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. This necklace is a symbol that we are not hiding in the shadows. We are bold, brave, and determined to make others aware our illnesses and our achievements in spite of them.


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#autoimmunedisease #spoonie
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