You Didn’t Peak At 20

In the days prior to the #Oscars, I saw an interview with some of the nominees. In it, a reporter asked what advice they’d give to their younger self while looking at their high school photo. So I took out my college yearbook, stared at my own photo and pondered that question.

I would’ve told my 20 year old self:

Only allow yourself to be called Nika if you want to be known by a nickname. Don’t let others decide the name your parents gave you is to difficult to pronounce or not worth their time to learn.

Look for natural alternatives like Tumeric, Tart Cherry juice, CBD oil, apple cider vinegar and other items sooner so the autoimmune disease you have (igg4-RD) causes less damage to your body and your wallet/ bank account.

You are as God made you. Find the lessons you are supposed to get from your journey. Write and speak about them without fear, shame or doubt. And, don’t think about money, fame or mainstream acceptance. Do it as therapy/inspiration for yourself and other chronic pain and illness survivors.

You are stronger than your weakest moments. So cry but then dry your eyes and begin again. When you are sad, know that there is always a speck of light to guide you out of the darkness. And, believe that your pain while subside and healing will occur.

You’re never too busy to: Listen, Read, Learn, Laugh, Travel, Love and Pray often.

When I finished my list, I thought, you didn’t peak at 20. I don’t need be 20 to do these things or live my best life.

I vowed to use this wisdom to make my future better than my past.

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