Support Is Crucial To Pursue Your Dreams Fearlessly

Generally, I don’t like to go into Manhattan on my days off. I certainly prefer not to travel on predicted snow days. My cane has terribly traction in the snow and ice; this combined with my usual clumsiness could spell disaster. But, last night I went out in the freezing rain to see my coworker and friend Matt perform in a comedy show.

It was drizzling by the time we got to the Greenwich Village Comedy Club on MacDougal Street but I didn’t mind. We’d already run into Matt’s wife and several of his other relatives so I was ready to have some fun. My level of excitement kicked up a notch as we took a seat near the stage and my virgin strawberry daiquiri arrived.

A long line of comedians, some funnier than others, came before Matt. Then, it was his turn. He was more polished than the last time I saw him and a lot of material was new. So I was not surprised there were laughs from people other than those of us who knew him. Although our friends Sixto and Marc were the loudest.

When Matt stepped off the stage and we all headed out for drinks, the laughter we shared had transformed what could’ve been a gloomy night into a joyous one.

As we ate food at the Black Pussycat we reflected on our favorite moments during the show. The overriding sentiment was awe. We were all amazed that just months after deciding to pursue his dream Matt was doing it fearlessly. We were all just glad to support him during what could be a bumpy journey. As I writer I know that no matter how great your talent or message, of no one buy or reads your work it, your dreams will quickly fade.

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