Erase Bitterness By Injecting A Little Sweetness

When I was in the 6th grade chorus, we sang “Song Long, Farewell“ from the “Sound of Music.” This memory came rushing back to me as I searched for a song to sing to our coworker and friend Jenna on her last day at Eyewitness News.

With most of the regular “lunch table” group huddled around two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, I carried through New York Penn Station with the one hand that doesn’t have to remain on my cane, I quietly began to sing the words.

“So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye

I stopped when I realized nearly no one else was joining in.

“I don’t know what else applies here,” I mumbled.

Only my friend Ashley heard me. She reassured me the words I’d chosen were fine. Still, as a writer I felt I should’ve had a speech or come up with something more clever or touching to say. But, I was out of words. Perhaps, I was in denial that Jenna would walk out the door and out of our daily lives in less than four hours.

Whatever the reason, I shook off my negative thoughts and I went back to laughing and enjoying our final lunch at work together. And, it was fitting that I erased the bitterness of the moment by injecting a little sweetness into our day.

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#emotionalpain #spoonies #igg4 #autoimmunedisease #invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #disability #blogger #writinglife

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