Day 146: Love One Another

Today is my grandmother Nettie’s birthday. I always remember it. Yet, I never recall the exact date she died. It should stick out because I delivered the eulogy at her funeral. Perhaps it doesn’t because I’d rather focus on the joy associated with her being in this world rather than the pain that lingers since she left it.

She was 4’11” inches tall with less than a 6th grade education but she towered over our family and had more knowledge than any journalist or professor I’ve ever met. She read her Bible and “The Daily Word” every day. She watched a newscast each evening. She never stopped learning or teaching.

She shared her wisdom and values with me through sayings like: “You may not be where I want to be but at least I’m not where I started.” “God has blessed me so I can bless someone else.” And, “Love One Another.” Or, “I don’t have much but I have so much more than so many.”

This weekend, I passed on her wisdom about charity to another generation. My fiancé, his 13-year-old son and I collected, sorted and bagged more than four dozen unopened toys, some clothes and books that we will donate to sick children in the hospital, toys for tots, goodwill and an adopt-a child for the holidays program.

(P.S. As I was typing this entry while waiting for the Q train to go to the Hospital For Special Surgery for back procedure #3 , a white woman with big blue eyes approached me and asked if I was cold in my leggings. I said, “no.”
She told me she lost her wallet the day before with all her cards and information in it. Then she says, “it’s understandable that I can’t think straight right? I’m depressed. My dad died three weeks ago and I am alone.”
I replied, “yes, it is.”
She said, “maybe I should talk to someone.”
I replied, “you reached out to me so you seem ready to talk and get some help.”
She thanked me and walked away. I believe that was Nettie working through me.)

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