Day 135: Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

My grandma Nettie used to say, “Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Remember, the devil is always busy.” I can honestly say this is hard to do, especially when you commute on an overcrowded train with rude people after a stressful day at work.

I’m used to venting at work. I let it be known when there is a problem with video, assignments, information. scripts or communication. I state my problem then I let it go. I eat a snack to bring back my joy or I talk to co-workers and turn my annoyance into a joke. My irritation during business hours is only temporary. I leave behind whatever problems I had during the day behind once the clock hits 6:15 p.m. This is the time I rush towards my real happiness: my family, friends and home. But, I have to commute first.

There was no standing room left on the NJ transit train when I decided I could endure being cramped to allow someone to squeeze into the seat across from me and another lady. To do so, the person would have to put their legs in the middle of ours.

I gestured at a lady carrying multiple bags to sit down. I twisted by body to the side and placed my cane between my legs. Instead of saying thank you, the woman threw her bags down. One struck my recent filled right knee. Another hit the other lady on the thigh. She climbed into the seat, kicking me several times in the process. She grabbed her iPad out and beg watching a move into of the bag still leaning on the other woman. Then, all of sudden she jumped to left putting her weight against me one. The force put a strain on my back.

“You can’t go that far over,” I exclaimed. “You’re crushing me.”

No apology followed and the woman barely moved. I turned on solitaire and distracted myself by thinking about something else my grandma said.

“Some people just aren’t worth it. Don’t let them take you out of yourself.”

When my stop came I said, “excuse me.” The woman didn’t move. I lifted my cane over her and exited. I was joyful that I wouldn’t have to spend anymore time near her.

#rudepeople #cane #njtransit #igg4 #spoonies #autoimmunedisease #cancer #invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #disability

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