Day 129: No Way I Can Falter

Even my worst day at work is made better by the people I spend my day with… some of whom I count as friends. Today, I slid on the hill to the bus while walking in the pouring rain. I stood all the way on my NJ Transit ride.

Computer problems and a nearly impossible workload were nothing compared to my frustration with not being able to reach the authorization department for a third day to approve my CT scans and ultrasound to help determine if I have Lymphoma.

By the afternoon I was exhausted and exasperated. But my mood lightened, at least for a while, when my coworker Josh told me I was on his thoughts. And another one, my coworker Lucy, arrived with a small bag. In it was kale, a vegetable I’ve never eaten. She grew it in her garden. She brought it to me because she knew of its cancer fighting properties and rich nutrients to keep me strong.

With so many others fighting for me how can I falter?

#lymphoma #friendship #coworkers #igg4 #spoonies #autoimmunedisease #invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #disability #2018 #joythroughthepain #backpain #blogger #writinglife


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