Day 122: A Talk With Friends Is Sometimes Better Than Therapy

I talk a lot but I often share very little personal information; that is unless you are a friend. I spend most days sharing jokes, quips, sarcastic comments and one liners. However, none of this provides anyone with insight into what’s really going on in my life. But, tonight was different.

I sat down at a table in the courtyard at “Nicky Meatballs” and I immediately began talking about my first visit to the restaurant on an “outing” with a male suitor. From there, the floodgates opened. My friends and I shared stories, heartbreak, regrets and concerns about the future. I was candid about my illness, my anguish over being childless and reminisced about lost friends. There were moments to laugh and others where I fought back tears. As I finished my shrimp scampi with risotto and garlic bread, my body and soul were bursting with contentment.

I’d recently been considering talking to someone a lot my inner turmoil. I presumed that would have to be a therapist. Tonight, I learned friends are better than any analyst. I was able to free myself with people I trust and all it cost me was time.

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