Day 115: Rumi, “Dance When You’re Broken”

This week sucked! I worked entirely too hard and had too little fun for five days straight.

When the week began, I learned that it would take six procedures to relieve my spinal pain so I can stop taking opioids. I also discovered I needed Synvisc injections in both knees. The cost to do all of this will be staggering.

I ended the week by getting my third 3D mammogram and sonogram in a year. The screenings were to track tumors in my chest. Today’s tests revealed the tumors didn’t dissolve as I’d hope so now all I can do is wait to see they’re growing or problematic.

I tried to stop thinking about the pending test results when I got back to work. I put my head down and completed my assignments. I didn’t stop to get food or take a bathroom break until after six o’clock.

As I got up to stretch my legs, I stopped to talk to my co-workers/friends. Instantly, we began to joke and laugh. Then, something unusual happened: I danced.

I have no rhythm but I always have joy somewhere in my soul. Today, I danced when there’s no music playing, swaying to the sound of the laughter of my friends. This simple exercise temporarily relieved me of my chronic pain, eliminated my stress and filled my heart with joy. I danced even though I was broken and it temporarily healed me.

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