Day 106: You Are Not Alone

It’s may be hard to believe but I was apprehensive about sharing, at least part, of my life/medical story in a book. I didn’t care about being judged. I just don’t like to show I’m vulnerable. And, being chronically ill has not only left me helpless, at times, it’s also made me feel lonely, depressed and occasionally suicidal. I’m a person of faith so I’ve always decided it was best to stick around to see what else is in store for me.

One day, I i was inspired to write my first memoir, Misdiagnosed: The Search For Dr. House. Now, four years after its original printing and two years after the reissue, it has received yet another five star review on Amazon.

This time, the review came from a stranger who said that by telling my story I let so many other people who found it difficult to get diagnosed and others suffering with a chronic illness that they are not alone. Recently, I heard someone say, “the Earth eventually gets our body. God takes our soul. But, it’s the job of the living to preserve someone’s legacy.” I believe there’s one more thing we have an obligation to do. It’s to let people know that they aren’t alone or unloved. I’m glad I could do that in some small way.

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