Day 102: Put Faith Over Fear

I’m straining to write this through my tears and the blurry vision and headache I’ve battled since suffering a concussion about a month ago. But, I had to find a way to honor my friend and inspiration, Isa Ruiz Calderin.

When we met 22 years ago, we were young eager employees at a television station in Boston, WABU. The station eventually closed. But, the bonds that were formed there have stood the test of time and distance.

Back on March 8th, I wrote a blog post about my angst over another medical setback. Despite battling Cancer, Isa posted a comment on my Facebook page: “Faith Over Fear my friend…God is in the waiting. These trials are not logical. It’s a constant roller coaster in motion. Praying for you.”

I replied, “I’m so humbled that in the midst of what you are going through you’d reach out to me. I’m stepping out on faith and I know that no matter what I will be delivered, as will you! Lots of love!”

In response, Isa wrote to me, “Nika Psalms 118:17.” It was the quote that was under her picture on Facebook. It was a rallying cry for both of us to keep fighting. The Bible verse says, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.”

Isa never gave up. She didn’t give in to fear or doubt. She believed in gods mercy, grace and miracles until her time was up. She was a testament to the strength and comfort that can be found with faith. I only pray that my friend is resting easy now in the kingdom she/we believe in. And, I will remember Isa’s words and try to continue to try to put my faith over fear.

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