Day 101: My Mother Knew The Answer To My Prayer

Every year I write an elaborate post about my mother. Why? Because the world should know the about this woman who toils In anonymity, making the world better by touching the lives of others with wisdom, joy, humility and generosity. This year, illness makes it hard for me to type. But, a few months back my mother inspired me to write the following about a powerful moment in my life that she fostered.

I often plead with god to let me have a baby one; To feel it grow in my tummy and watch him enter the world. Year after year, I figured my prayer wasn’t heard or the answer to it was no.

I’d cry, scream then write about my struggles. Whenever I did my mother would step up to calm me. From her words of support, I could tell she understood and felt my pain. She loved me through every outburst.

Then, one day I was talking to my mother about my “stepson” and she said to me, “maybe this is how you are supposed to become a mom.” Soon thereafter, I looked into the blue eyes of my “stepson.” The color and the shape weren’t anything like mine. But, I saw a piece of myself.

He stared at me so lovingly I thought, this is my boy. I didn’t have him but I had a hand in loving him, raising him so he feels like he is mine. He may never know it but he is the answer to my most important prayer.

My mother knew God heard me. HE answered me… and HE gave me a mother who would teach me that a mother is a person who shepards one of his children through life with a devotion, patience and understanding that comes with caring for someone more than yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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