Day 62: A Good Night’s Sleep Clears The Mind

There’s nothing like the sun streaming across your ceiling in the morning, I thought. I didn’t see it rise today. Yeah! That means I slept through the night, largely uninterrupted. What a difference a day makes!

I stayed tucked under my sheets just relaxing for an extra hour. Then I decided to go downstairs to make a cup of tea.

My mind was clear as I sipped my beverage and watched the news. There was no hint of the turmoil that made stay up the night before or say a totally new prayer before going to sleep.

“God, you’ve seen me through challenges that would’ve broken other people. I’ve started from scratch so many times. And, you’ve let me do it often with a smile on face, a zest for life and love surrounding me. Thank you.
Even as a faithful person, it’s normal that I’m concerned that lumps as small as a pebbles could cause huge ripples in my future plans.
I need you to keep the fire in my belly lit that tells me to never surrender, to keep looking for the positive in every journey. You’ve let me have my mini meltdown now, please guide me to the path back to peace no matter what may come.”

There was no epiphany when I was done speaking. But, I drifted off to sleep easily.

As I finished my cup of tea, I thought everybody feels vulnerable sometimes. It’s human. I’m just grateful a good night’s sleep cleared my mind and soothed my spirit.

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