Day 30: Enjoy The Moment

“Let me know what you want to eat and we’ll go when you get off,” he said as he began to walk away.

“Okay, I’m too busy now to think,” I snapped without looking up at him.

It was only three o’clock but I was burned out. I’d done four packages and had written more than a half dozen other stories before lunch. Trying to get through my assignments for three more shows was daunting. Dinner was the last thing on my mind.

I buckled down and got my work done. The time flew by. Before m I knew it the clock said 6:25.

“I guess the easiest place for us to go would Chinese,” I said to my dinner companion.

“Okay, get dressed and we’ll go.”

I picked up my cane, put on my coat, threw out my story notes, and signed off my computer. I was ready to leave the day behind.

Conversation flowed as we each ate our meals. By the time I’d finished my rice and shrimp tempura, I had no room for my egg roll. My stomach was full and all the tension that filled me was gone.

For the next half hour, I laughed and kicked back. I was enjoying the moment so much I forgot that I hadn’t written a post for Day 30 for my blog. And, I didn’t care.

It occurred to me that being present was far better than writing about what was happening. So, I soaked up the rare time with my companion instead of cuddling up to my keyboard.

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