Day 29: Rejection Is A Detour Not A Dead End

Maybe I should wait to open this, I thought as I stared at the email from an agent who’d asked me to resubmit pages for my memoir, Chronic.

Over the last year, I spent $1800 to have two different books editors look over the pages. My mother added revisions too. Then, I sent it back to the agent.

She responded quickly, I thought. This can’t be good.

I opened the email and began to read, “While there’s much to enjoy in your manuscript, I did find some areas that needed more development. The opening of this story didn’t set me on the right path for the remainder. The information shared wasn’t enough for me to emotionally connect with the main character early on (took several pages to start to get into rhythm with the vibe).”

She didn’t mention this before neither did any of the editors, I thought. Did I waste my money? I had to forego a lot of things to pay for someone to look at my manuscript twice.

Should I shelve this project? I wondered. I can’t afford to pay for another edit if no one will take on this project. But how do I give up on something I spent years pouring my heart and soul into?

The agent’s final paragraph me decide not to give up. It said, “…I do encourage you to submit your manuscript to other agents and editors. We’re all different when it comes to connecting with a story. I also encourage more feedback from agents and editors before delving into extensive revision.”

That’s exactly what I will do, I thought. I will keep submitting my story until someone else backs me. If not, I’ll publish my book myself. I believe in me and I know my story about learning to cope with chronic illness, chronic pain and disability can help someone else. No rejection letter should stop me.

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