Day 15: Never Lose Infinite Hope

Martin Luther King Junior said, “”Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” I often wonder if I do enough. Today, of all days, I got some reassurance that sometimes I do.

“Hi Nika. I fell compelled to write to you to tell you I too am going through a bad time. My girlfriend of 21 years is now at hospice after I took her for 7 weeks of chemo and radiation.  And now I must return to hospice where I watched my mother take her last breathe. I know I must be strong like you that’s what I say I need to be strong like Nika.”

My eyes watered as I typed my reply. I was thinking about her pain and that of one of my oldest friends, who was my college roommate and is the mother of my goddaughter. Two days earlier, her husband sent me a message to say her father had died suddenly.

“Thank you for sharing but your message breaks my heart. There are so few people in this life who make ours better; I’m sad for you. You were already brave and strong enough to be by your dear friends side as she battled for her life. And, you will be compassionate enough to stay with her and ease her fears as she goes through hospice and transitions.”

A few hour later, I got an email back. “Thank you so much Nika for your kind words. You give me strength in all your going through cause I say if Nika can get through than so can I…”

I immediately wrote back. “…I rely on my trinity: faith, family and friends. I know these three will see you through too.” I also sent her an MLK Jr. quote. “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

After I hit send I thought, all each of us can do is to foster the smallest seed of hope in someone else so it can grow and get them through the rough times.

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