Day 14: Take A Day Away

In “Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now” Maya Angelou wrote, “Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.” Today is that day for me.

Here is what I learned this week:

Day 13: A Few Words Can Forge A Connection
A card in the mail with a handwritten note made me feel special and lessened my feelings of loneliness and isolation. Now, I want to make sure the people I care about know it and to feel a connection to me.

Day 12: Soar Despite Negativity
A note from a friend downplaying the likelihood of the success of my happiness exercise me reminded me not to let someone else’s negativity derail my plan, alter my mood, change my view of myself or weigh me down.

Day 11: Courtesy Costs Nothing
A free muffin proved to me that being kind to others costs nothing but is rewarding when you least expect it.

Day 10: Do What It Takes To Protect A Child
A chance encounter showed me that I may not have a child of my own but I’m willing to sacrifice myself for a child in need.

Day 9: Warmth Is A Luxury For Some
Seeing a homeless person in Penn Station taught me to appreciate all the comforts o have… including warm clothing in the winter

Day 8: Live Despite The Pain
A neighbor told me that despite the pain of loss in our life it’s important to keep on living

You can about days 1-13 here:

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