Day 11: Courtesy Costs Nothing

I’ve had a Cervicogenic headache for nearly four days. It came with a stiff neck, light sensitivity, tenderness in the cervical region of my spine, nausea, and intermittent blurred vision. Fioricet along my daily medication has provided relief.

Yet, By the end of each day at work all I want is my bed. On hump day, 1/10, I craved a corn muffin lightly toasted and buttered before settling in for the night.

So I headed to Dunkin Donuts where I get muffins at least two to three times a week.

The clerk smiled and began cutting it to butter it as I walked up.

“You look sick,” said the clerk’s brother. “Not like yourself.”

“I’m just tired.”

“No, my mom, brother and I always see you. You smile. You ask us about our day. You leave a tip. Today, you seem sad.”

“I don’t feel too well.”

“Is it your back?” He asked while looking at my cane.

“Yes, stress at work and that too.”

“Well, here is your muffin. I put another one in there too for you. No charge. Feel better.”

When I take out my muffin this morning, I will think about that kind gesture. Treating the workers at Dunkin Donuts with courtesy cost me nothing but a few moments of time. But, it stuck with them enough for them to see my pain and try to soothe it in some way.

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