More To Give

The frigid wind whipped through the automatic front doors at Newark Penn Station while I waited for my corn muffin at Dunkin Donuts. The homeless section near the Amtrak sales window was full. But, for once I was glad. It meant at least those homeless people would not be out in the dangerous elements tonight.

As I collected my change one of the homeless men walked up to me and said, “I’m cold. Can you get be something warm to drink?”

The people at the counter tried to discourage him from talking to me but I said, “it’s fine. I believe him. I can feel the chill and I’m wearing a coat, gloves and a hat.”

The man down looked at his tattered coat and said, “thank you” as he took his coffee and went to sit on a bench in the station. My heart sank as I watched him struggle to hold onto his cup and keep the sides of his coat together.

I walked away wishing I had more to give; that I had a coat with me. I wished had more money to spare. I wished he had a home and didn’t have to be on the street. But, I was grateful that I could show some measure of kindness.

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