An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

An ordinary day can turn into something extraordinary for me. I realized that this morning when the clerk at the Duane Reade I frequently go to get candy for my co-workers asked me, “Miss, What’s wrong with your leg?”

“It’s not really my leg that’s the problem it’s my knees, hip and spine. They’re damaged by inflammation from an autoimmune condition. They cause me pain and some weakness. I’m trying to repair them,” I replied politely.

“Oh my friend has a problem,” said the clerk as she leaned forward to get closer to me. “The doctors told her she tore something in her knee and needed a knee operation. Then, the doctor said her knee was messed up because of something wrong with her back. Now she’s scared to have any operation.”

“She shouldn’t be. She has to trust and want to get better. I’ve filled my knee with joint fluid, gotten steroid injections in my spine, scarred my nerves and use a cane but I’m walking, most times with very little pain. I also don’t fall anymore. Doing something could make all the difference for her.”

“Let me get a paper to write down the name of the hospital you went to. I want my friend to go there. You are always smiling. Your doctors must be helping you.”

I gave her the information and walked out with joy in my heart.

Later in the evening, I stopped by the corner fruit guy to get some grapes. He began waiting on another customer while searching for the rest of my change.

“It’s okay you can keep the 50 cents for another time,” I said.

“No, I stand for 14 hours a day. Today it was cold. But, I still don’t suffer like you. You walk up here with a stick to buy from me. I will not keep your money. I appreciate you buying from me.”

I took my change and shook his hand. Then, I blotted my eyes because I was moved by his words.

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