New HuffPost Blog: Why Health is the True Key to Success

We’ve all heard that success is when opportunity meets preparation; that means you simply have to study your field, hone your craft, and develop unique and viable concepts and ideas so that when the moment is right you can shine. However, my autoimmune condition taught me that’s not true. You need something else: your health. Let me explain.

I did everything right. I got into a great college, Boston College, and was on track to smoothly complete a dual degree until mystery ailments began to slow me down. I ended up needing summer classes but medical bills made that financially impossible for some time.

Still, I ended up starting, what would become my 20 years career in television. I tried to absorb every aspect of the business: marketing, sales, traffic, reporting, human resources, management, writing, and producing live events and shows. Eventually, I became a writer and producer at the number one local television station in the country. But, I knew I was destined for so much more so I wrote my first book then two, three and four. On the surface it sounds like I was successful. Yet, looming behind all my achievements were the limits forced up me by my condition.

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