Publisher’s Weekly Booklife Review of Misdiagnosed: The Search for Dr. House

#PublishersWeekly #booklife review of Misdiagnosed: The Search for Dr. House:

“In this hope-filled memoir, a woman rises above the challenges of navigating the modern American medical system. Beamon, a TV journalist, lays herself bare as she frankly discusses her journey through years of suffering as she searches for a diagnosis for her illness. For those with unusual conditions, the road to diagnosis can be filled with disbelieving doctors, seemingly unrelated symptoms, and increasing desperation as the sick person struggles to understand why the body is failing. The author bravely relates all of these things, presenting her growth through long-term pain, her life with chronic illness, and her journey to becoming her own medical advocate in touching and sometimes agonizing detail. Although some of the details—both medical and personal—can get graphic, this medical memoir is a worthwhile read for those suffering from or interested in chronic conditions and the often long road to diagnosis. Agent: Chelcee Johns, Serendipity Literary. (BookLife.)”

Misdiagnosed is on sale now on, and

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