Junkyard Masterpiece

Junkyard Masterpiece

I’m a mechanic’s dream; a combination of old and new parts fused together to form a one of a kind, operational, machine. There’s not another exactly like me so I guess that means I am priceless.

More than two dozen highly skilled professionals have looked under my hood. They’ve repaired some of my original parts, removed others and given me some that are brand new. They’ve double check their handy work by running diagnostics often and by making sure I get my tune ups on time.

Still, as with every vintage item, I have a few imperfections. I’ve gotten some dents and dings over the years. I’ve gotten them banged out, so at least I don’t look worn on the outside; that is until you look very closely.

Most days I run efficiently, without many complaints at all. However, I do occasionally have hiccups that even the most well trained technician could miss. Being that I am a compilation of pieces cobbled back together over the last 20 years, my flaws are unique and often stump those desperate to optimize my performance. So, I frequently find myself going up on lift or having someone look inside me to determine my new defect.

I’ve leaked my oil, blown a head gasket after overheating, and needed a jump start from time to time. But, I keep chugging along. I suppose I’m destined to continue to look for the enthusiast who will throw away the manual and rebuild me once and for all into the junkyard masterpiece I know I’m meant to be.

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