Sickness Can Bring You Together

As I said in my vows two weeks ago, the commitment to being there for each other begins long before you say, “I do.” It continues thereafter. It didn’t take long for our vows to be tested. This time my autoimmune disease (IGG4-RD) wasn’t the issue. My husband (yes it feels weird to write that) fell Ill and it was my turn to care for him as he has so lovingly done for me on more occasions than I care to remember.

We rushed from work and first stopped at Hackensack Meriden Mountainside Medical in Montclair. Nine hours later, after very little communication with the doctor and none with the surgeon, we left the emergency room. This morning, we rose early and headed to Jersey City Medical Center before any unlucky St. Patrick’s Day revealers could arrive. We were taken immediately and the tests began. As we wait for word on his surgery, we got an unexpected treat. The New York Times article about our wedding was released online. (It will be available in print on Sunday). I won’t be able to read it today but, perhaps, if my husband makes it home to me by Sunday we will get time to look at it together. Truthfully, I don’t need an article to know that our connection is authentic and we will honor it until death does us part. Sickness has brought us together over the years, not divided us.

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