Self-confidence Makes You Feel Sexy

I’m not vain at all but I have spent the last year working on my body. I did it because last January my doctor said my leaky valve was getting louder, my blood pressure was elevated and he feared I’d have another stroke. I lived through two more than a decade ago. I figured my heart issues were due to a combination of stress, my autoimmune condition and overwhelming grief. So, I took action. I look and feel better.The funny thing is I’ve been working from home so it’s not like anyone would notice.

The truth is, even if I had gotten a ripped abs or something, no one would see it. I’ve never been one to get “dolled up” unless it’s a wedding or special occasion. And, every photo I post is #makeupfree. I used to warn people I’d date, “this is what you get. It can get better from here but this is me.”

I try to live my life authentically; to be the same person all the time. And, as I get older, I’m more aware of who I am and what I want. I think self-confidence is what makes me sexy…and it explains my shirt for day 17 of my ugly Christmas countdown. So, happy birthday to me. My God continue to bless and keep me.

(P.S. today is national ugly Christmas sweater day so there’s no way I wouldn’t celebrate)

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