As Long As You’re Alive, There’s Hope

I believe the challenge of living is to not let what’s around you, what happens to you, or what’s a part of you like an illness or condition break your spirit. I know that’s easier said than done. I also know there are times when there is no fight left; when you want to curl up and wallow in the misery of the circumstance. Trust me, I’ve been there whether it’s been over the lost of loved one, being chronically ill, not being as successful as I’d like as an author, frustration at work or dissatisfaction with a relationship. But, you can only pity yourself for a while because time ticks on and precious opportunities to change, make your situation better, to overcome your obstacle or simply find joy are being missed.

So, try to take one step, one action, make one call or say a prayer to make today better than yesterday. Instant results aren’t promised but I can guarantee that effort means you’re still alive and so there’s still hope.

Day 2: I chose a shirt with a quote from Stanley from the show, “The Office,” played by Leslie David Baker.

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