Embrace Commonalities Not Differences

I unapologetically love Christmas. I am a Christian. I was born just days before Christmas is observed just like many members of my family. And, I’m a native New Yorker. Signs of Christmas are everywhere from the Rockefeller, Central Park and Lincoln Center Christmas trees to giant ornaments, lights and wooden soldiers. The fanfare over the Christmas holiday sometimes overshadows the other religious or holiday observances this time of year. 

At sundown on day 10 of my Christmas  sweater countdown, I’m pausing to honor Hanukkah; it begins at sundown. I suppose one might think that because I was raised in family where my grandmothers were Baptist and I attended Jesuit schools, I’d wouldn’t care. You’d be wrong. 

When I was Boston College, I took a course that taught me the history of religions, including Judaism.  I learned all faiths hinge on the belief in something/ someone greater than yourself. They provide a set of guidelines for living an upstanding life. They teach love, compassion, and justice. I think these are principles we all need to hold onto during such a chaotic year. 

I admit that I may not agree with all tenets of every faith. But, rather than looking at what divides us, perhaps it’s best to embrace what each of us has in common as we navigate these uncertain times. Together, we may make real significant changes that will benefit all of us. 

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