Experiences Are Worth More Than Material Things

Pain in my back and knees greeted me as I opened my eyes along with the sunrise. 

I’m getting old, I thought. More than half of my life is over. I wonder what the rest of it holds. 

I pondered that as I selected my fifth countdown to Christmas sweater/shirt. I search through the pile and stopped on my Mike Tyson sweatshirt.

Last Saturday, I stayed up late to watch that 54-year-old man climb into a ring to box after 15 years in retirement. He wasn’t as fast or as fierce as he was in his youth but he had stamina, strength, humility,  and the heart to keep fighting. 

Isn’t that one what growing older is? Isn’t it  about being determined not to let the age on your birth certificate define what you can still accomplish? I thought. 

I believe it’s about accepting you’re not what you once were but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot left to offer. And, I think the key is learning that experiences are far more valuable than material possessions. 

Years ago, I started gifting my stepson trips rather than a whole bunch of presents at Christmas that he’d stop playing with quickly.I don’t remember the toys he received over the years but I do recall every place we’ve been and activity we shared. Those are the memories I hold dear as I age. 

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