Respect Should Transcend Race

“You Ain’t Black.”

“If You have a problem figuring out if you are for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.” Those words actually came of of democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mouth in response to a legitimate question from Charlamagne on the radio show, “The Breakfast Club.”

First, the phrasing he chose is very condescending. African-Americans speak English and can do so correctly. Therefore, we don’t need to be addressed that way.

Secondly, no white person or a person of any other race who should tell me or any other African-American what makes me Black or open to losing my so-called “Black card.”

Third, African-Americans should not have their questions deflected or dismissed when they have questions about politics or policy or anything else. African-Americans should decide who to vote for based on real answers that will benefit us individually and as a racial group.

Fourth, a reporter from the Washington Post claims that Biden was joking. He added that Biden’s comments could be due to him being too comfortable talking to the African-American community. To me, the same argument is often made when people have said the N-word because they love rap music or black culture. Comfort does not give you a pass to talk down people, ignore their issues or fail to apologize if you inadvertently offend someone.

Fifth, Biden may have been Vice President under Former President Barack Obama. but, this doesn’t automatically mean you have the support of a race of people. Loyalty must be earned and it must be warranted not just based on past behavior or policies but present ones too.

Having said this, I’m in no way endorsing President Donald Trump for a second term. I want whoever holds this nation’s highest office to show respect to all people, work for the benefit of all, and unite us all.

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