Love Inspires Survival

44 years married; that’s how long the union between my parents has lasted on paper. Overall, they spent more than 51 together. But, it’s not merely the years that impresses me.

As I child, I watched my parents weather many storms but most seem like small squalls now compared the the twisters that have upended their lives in recent years. Through it all, no one ran and hid. They held onto each other, their faith, their humor, and their children.

I never marveled more at their commitment until they both faced health challenges. I watched my mother sit by my father’s bedside, manage his medications and doctors appointments, and update his children on his hospital visits and procedures. And, I’ve heard the concern in my father’s voice when she’s gone under the knife and began chemotherapy along with radiation to treat Cancer.

My mother have faced her battle with strength, humility and a determination to not only recover but come out stronger and healthier so she can extend her years with my father and the family they created has often brought me to tears.

I truly hope my parents have as many more quality years together as they can or want. Their relationship seems to motivate them both to fight for their survival and that’s a good thing for everyone who knows and loves them.

Happy Anniversary!

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